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When it is time to sell your heating & air conditioning business, you must find a business broker who knows the HVAC industry. When it comes time to set the value of your HVAC business, a broker who has extensive heating & air industry experience is critical. It is even more critical when you are neck-deep in aggressive negotiations with the company or private equity group buying your HVAC business.

Chris Smith is a CEPA-certified HVAC business broker with over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. “I started as a tune-up tech for a large HVAC company in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993. I received my conditioned air license in the state of Georgia in 1996. I then founded my HVAC company, and we quickly grew to over $3M in revenue. I received an offer to buy my HVAC company and sold the business. During the non-compete period, I began training and consulting other HVAC owners on how to grow the business quickly, and I found success as an HVAC growth consultant-trainer for the next 20 years. Today I help homeowners of heating & air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical companies sell their businesses or grow them and then sell them to meet the owner’s life goals. Taking 15 minutes to speak to me may be the most important decision you will ever make” – Chris Smith.

The expertise Chris brings to the table in the HVAC merger and acquisition space is helping you to exit the business while getting the best possible price combined with the best financial terms. The world of heating & air conditioning business sales is littered with deals that look great on the surface but contain a large earn-out that the previous owner may never see.

As a certified PowerExit Advisor, I guide you in selling your HVAC business using the PowerExit strategy. This means you remain in control of the process to get a deal at the price you want, ensuring you get the terms you want” – Chris Smith

When selling your HVAC business, you are going up against experienced professional buyers and private equity groups. These companies have only 1 goal in the process, to get the absolute lowest purchase price and confuse the seller with transaction terms that look good on the surface but are bad for the seller. If you choose a business broker that does not have HVAC business experience, you will most likely end up with a transaction that the broker just wanted to push through to earn their commission. We never put our commission before ensuring you get the best deal possible. This commitment to your best interest in the process helps us grow through referrals and repeat customers.

Our extensive HVAC M&A experience also means that we have a comprehensive list of financially qualified buyers that reach out to us weekly to see what HVAC businesses we have available for acquisition. This means a faster process for you with a quicker close time.

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