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For Business Buyers

When buying a business, choosing an experienced, qualified broker can save you thousands – if not hundreds of thousands. Whether you’re looking for a business to buy or finalizing a contract to buy a business, our team is here to ensure you’re making the best possible decision.

Chris and Smith M&A Advisors has handled hundreds of transactions on behalf of our clients in dozens of industries. We’ve represented business owners and buyers across the country, and we’re happy to do the same for you. 

Learn if you’re paying a fair price for your business – schedule a valuation with our team today.

Our Business Brokers Help Buyers

How can business brokers help buyers? 

An experienced business broker will use their knowledge to advise you on pricing, financing, market conditions, and the other crucial aspects of buying companies. There’s more to a successful sale than the final price – and we make sure all of your bases are covered. 

What are the core values that will help buyers?

We pride ourselves on our integrity, loyalty, and commitment to confidentiality. When you work with our brokers, you can trust that we’ll keep the entire transaction private and secure. You are our top priority, and our brokers will protect your best interests at every turn. 

What are the skills that will help buyers?

Determination and extensive knowledge are crucial. Our brokers have tracked the data from thousands of past transactions. This allows us to determine what a company is actually worth – and whether or not you’re paying a fair price.

Additionally, our founder Chris is highly educated and experienced. He ran his own HVAC company, which he sold in 2006. Now, he uses his history, awareness, and grit to help other companies take control of the buying process. 

How to Buy a Business

1. Contact a Broker

The first step in buying a business is contacting a reputable, skilled broker. In doing so, you’ll take charge of the process and ensure you’re fully aware of all the minute process details. Deciding to buy a small business is a big decision – and you need an expert in your corner. 

2. Evaluation

How do you know what kind of business you can afford? Our brokers will help you come up with a number by assessing your financial capabilities, as well as your skills and personal goals. This allows you to narrow your search down to businesses that are within your budget. 

3. Education

Before you make any offers, you need to fully understand the process of buying a company. That’s why we take the time to explain every detail to our clients. From learning how to read business listings to understanding valuation concepts, we’ve got you covered. 

4. Search

Now it’s time to begin the hunt. Our brokers will help you search for and evaluate businesses. We’ll also assist you with showings, researching the brand, and signing any necessary confidentiality agreements. 

5. Offer

Once you’ve found the business you’d like to buy, our brokers will assist with drafting a continent offer. We’ll present a purchase and sale agreement to the seller, as well as your good faith money to be held in escrow. Negotiations can be tricky, but we’ve got your back.

6. Due Diligence

Before every document is signed and the deal is sealed, our brokers will help you fully inspect the current business owner’s history. Additionally, we assist with coordinating efforts between legal and accounting professionals. 

7. Closing

You’re almost there. In this second-to-last step, we handle the final preparations for lease assignments, utility transfers, inventory counts, and other details. Then, we’ll connect you with an attorney to complete the purchase. 

8. Post Closing

Congratulations on buying your business! There may be some last-minute details you need help with, such as meeting with employees, introducing yourself to clients, and updating technology. Our brokers have successfully executed many sales, and we’ll ensure it all goes smoothly. 

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Our Industry Experiences

Looking for a professional broker who truly understands your industry? Chris and Smith M&A Advisors has helped buy and value businesses of various sizes in many industries, including… 

  • Home Services
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare

Benefits of Hiring a Business Broker Consultant

When you partner with a professional business broker consultant, you arm yourself with the best tool to buy any business. We will help you:

  • Gather crucial information before you make an offer
  • Find and research the best available businesses
  • Understand the market in which you’re buying
  • Obtain a certified business valuation
  • Maintain an objective, educated view during the sales process

The bottom line is that working with a business broker gives you access to a deep well of beneficial knowledge. You might not have bought a business before, but we’ve bought hundreds. We know the red flags to watch out for and the best way to proceed – let us show you. 

Why Work with Chris Smith’s Broker? 

  • All of our brokers are licensed, as required under Georgia law.
  • Our company has more than 16 years of experience.
  • We’re well-versed in complex business systems, data analytics, and sales. 
  • Our top priority is always helping you secure a fair price with fair terms.  

Get Your Business Valuation 

Receive an accurate business valuation and report from our team of experts. 


How do you value a business?

Brokers use a valuation formula to help buyers determine if a business is being sold for a fair price. The formula typically looks like this: 

Anticipated Income + Intangible Assets + Tangible Assets = Estimated Business Practice Value.

Should I buy a business or start my own?

The answer to this question depends largely on your finances and overarching goals. Buying an existing business is almost always more expensive than starting your own. However, you may be able to secure better financing to buy a successful business than to start one. 

Where do I find businesses for sale?

There are many directories online featuring businesses for sale. You can also browse our list of companies to buy in Georgia. 

What makes a great business?

If you want to buy a business that’s successful, you should look for companies with… 

  • High overall earnings and profits
  • Strong recurring revenue 
  • Clear opportunities for growth 
  • Good locations
  • Clean books 
  • Happy, loyal customers

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to determining what a “great” business is, but these features indicate a company that’s worth considering. 

Why should I use a business broker to buy a business?

It’s not easy to objectively and professionally assess what a business is worth, especially as an interested buyer. Working with a business broker allows you to form an unbiased opinion, based on an accurate valuation of the company and its sale price. 

How do you handle buyer meetings?

Our brokers are in your corner, from the first meeting to the last. We truly enjoy helping business owners find the right company to purchase. Therefore, we’ll consult with you extensively before meetings with the seller, then help you evaluate what you’ve learned afterward. 

Why are your fees less than other firms?

Ultimately, we always want to ensure you get a fair price – and that includes a fair price for our services. We’re not here to nickel or dime you, especially as you enter the long (and expensive) process of acquiring a new business. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. We’re not interested in wasting your money or time, so if you change your mind about buying a business, you’re free to walk away. 

How is my confidentiality protected?

We work diligently to keep every business buying transaction private and secure, for the benefit of the buyers and the sellers. We have the involved parties sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements), and we never reveal information without your express permission. 

Do your fees include escrow and attorney fees?

No – these fees will be paid separately by the buyer. 

Do you have a buyer database?

Yes, we have a database of more than 10,000 qualified buyers. This allows us to efficiently match sellers with buyers who are actually interested in purchasing an existing business. 

How is selling a business different from selling a house?

Selling a business is vastly different from selling real estate. During home sales, there are established laws that buyers, sellers, and agents must follow. Business sales are less structured and can become far more complicated. 

Additionally, a piece of real estate can be valued for its tangible assets. In comparison, nearly 100% of a business’s value is determined by intangible assets. This makes the valuation process markedly different when selling or buying a company. 

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