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It’s time to stop running the race and start living YOUR best life.

Have you thought about selling your business? Do you need the right broker to help with the process? Are buyers ready to buy your business?

We’re here to help you find the answers to all of these questions. 

Our business associates understand that there’s more to a successful sale than the final price. We’ve helped sell businesses for years, and we’ll work to make your transaction strategic, private, and profitable. 

Why Partner With Us?

Choosing an experienced and qualified broker will save you millions of dollars in lost value. Our experienced M&A advisors ensure you are paid what you’re owed – and that your business ends up in the right hands.

Our Core Values


We will diligently keep the entire M&A transaction process private and secure. 


Our business brokers adhere to a moral code of ethics that guides our every move.


You are our top priority. We’ll protect your best interests at every turn. 


Our broker company believes complete transparency is crucial. 


We’ll dedicate ourselves to overseeing  your deal and negotiating the best price. 

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Our business counseling process makes sure you stay in control.


we value the business

The true value of your business is what someone is willing to pay. Our business advisors utilize data from thousands of past transactions to determine what your brand is actually worth. 


we connect you with the right buyer

Generate exposure for your business to buyers who are ready to make a transaction. Our database of 10,000 buyers exposes your business to a broader pool of ideal and qualified candidates, all of whom are willing and able to close.


we get the deal closed

We guide you through the hundreds of potential pitfalls that could destroy the deal at the closing table. Our business brokers negotiate on your behalf while making sure emotions and personalities don’t result in unnecessary conflict.

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View Our Businesses for Sale

Are you looking to acquire a new business? We invite you to browse our full list of current businesses for sale. Our professional business brokerage firm is here to connect qualified buyers with quality companies. 

Business Advisory Services 

Our corporate advisors are all certified business brokers, and we’ve consulted businesses across many industries. We specialize when it comes to advising and selling in the following fields: 

  • Home Services
  • Construction 
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
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Our M&A Brokers Will Help You… 

Embrace the Seller’s Journey

When selling a business, you’ll find that most transactions follow a 5-step process. We’re here to walk you through each stage. 

Get Ready to Sell

Have you decided to sell your business? Our business advisors will help you get everything ready to go to market. 

Know When to Sell

It can take up to a year to get a business listed and sold. Talk to us about starting the process at the best time.

Calculate the Numbers

We’ll help you understand the process, then gain perspective on what you can make from buying or selling a business.

Handle the Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

How will your taxes be impacted by selling? Our M&A brokers will prepare you for the changes and answer all of your questions.

Conduct Business Valuation

Learn what your business is truly worth – input your information into our Power Exit Business Valuation Portal. 

Determine Your Business Value

There are many factors that can impact the value of your business. We’re here to help you calculate and understand them all. 

Find the Right Resources

Our business brokerage firm publishes information on a range of topics related to mergers and acquisitions. 

Confirm Your Magic Number

How much money do you need to live after selling? We’ll help you do the calculations and come up with your number. 

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What Our Amazing Clients are Saying

“Working with Chris was so successful. He was very knowledgeable about the process. I highly recommend Chris and his team if you are interested in selling your business”

– M. Wright

“Chris was amazing to work with. He went above and beyond to help me sell my business. He truly cares and it shows. He was very professional and guided me every step of the way through the business sale process”

– S. Mitchell

“Chris is an expert in the M & A industry. I was thankful I chose him as my business broker. My selling experience was positive and successful. Thank you, Chris!”

– K. Tyson

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